Be Safe At Home provides Seniors and physically and mentally disabled Adults with the following services & programs:

  • 24/7 Personal Emergency Response
    This system provides our clients with a valuable tool in the form of a button (worn as a pendant or on a wrist band) that when pressed (from anywhere in the home) activates a communication unit that allows them to speak directly to a specially trained In-touch attendant. Once the system is activated, the attendant views all of the client's emergency information immediately from their computer screen making it possible for them to contact EMS and /or the client's personal emergency contacts.
  • 24/7 Medication Monitoring Service
    This system notifies the person when to take a specific medication prescribed by their physician.
  • 24/7 Low Cost Emergency Home Maintenance & Support Program
    This program provides various low cost home maintenance services by pre-screened providers. These providers will do everything from changing a light bulb & cleaning a house to raking leaves, shopping for groceries or even fixing a leaky pipe in the middle of the night.
  • Free Monthly Publication
    This is an "Advice for Seniors by Seniors" publication that provides valuable insight on how to handle living alone in a safe and secure environment.
  • People Helping People
    A mutually beneficial arrangement that places developmentally disabled adults as handy persons who assist our lower income senior citizens by performing a variety of tasks or chores that are needed in and around the home.
  • Research & Development Program
    This program is designed to identify the needs of our seniors and in particular those needs that will enable them to age in place. Our staff, handy people, house cleaners, interns and the Keeping Intouch monthly letter are all part of a research and development program.

* All Services are provided on a sliding fee scale based on income.

Services and Program Benefits
The services and programs that Be Safe At Home provides coupled with Home Health Care create a “Nursing Home without Walls for our clients and thus empowering them to regain control over the management of their surroundings and their lives. This reestablished control promotes and sustains peace of mind, increased independence and confidence, emotional well being and improved over all health by:

  • Reducing injuries caused by in home falls and fire
  • Subsidized services for low Income Seniors through community sponsorship
  • Providing Low cost emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • Reducing in home maintenance costs
  • Reducing government sect. 8 rehab. costs
  • Reducing hospital stay
  • Reducing occurrences of institutionalization
  • Reducing Medicaid costs
  • Creating employment opportunities for developmentally and learning disabled Adults
  • Creating employment opportunities for early active Retirees
  • Creating employment and internship opportunities to University & High School Students
  • Reducing employee down time as a result of parental care

New Programs!

Be Safe At Home, Inc. (BSAH) and United Yokefellow Ministry (UYM) have joined together to bring the following programs to reality for our seniors and others in need.

Foreclosure Program
BSAH and UYM are helping families by providing financial, legal and tax deductible support when they are losing their homes. In situations where the homes cannot be saved from foreclosure, BSAH & UYM will help the homeowner with relocation costs and provide them with a portion of the homes equity to assist with future expenses. These homes will then be transformed into much needed homes for our seniors as part of our Senior Housing and Shared Senior Housing Programs.

Shared Senior Housing and Senior Housing Programs
BSAH and UYM are converting single family homes acquired through the Foreclosure Program into shared housing for seniors where all residents have an equal share. In addition to providing a safe and subsidized living environment, our Field Area Offices will Manage the homes and outfit them with the full range of services and programs available through our ďSafe At HomeĀESupport Program such as Personal Emergency Response, Medication Reminders, Home Maintenance, yard work, grocery shopping and other domestic services at no additional costs to the residents.

Shared Senior Housing
An example of an appropriate shared housing situation is a single family home with three bedrooms. One bedroom per senior and sharing of all common areas, i.e., living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Senior Housing
An example of an appropriate senior housing situation is a three family home whereby each senior or senior couple would live in their own apartment.

For more information about these new programs or employment opportunities associated with these programs e-mail or phone us at: 516-216-4277

All BSAH Services and Programs are subsidized for seniors and disabled adults on low-income. To offer your support please e-mail or phone us at 516-216-4277.


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