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Telemarketing and using the name of Be Safe at Home Inc.
I was thinking over the weekend, many of you do not know, how caring and protective, Be Safe at Home is of our senior’s.

  • We would never, do telemarketing!
  • If someone calls us for information, we tell them, if they are interested, please call us, we will not call them!
I would like to provide you with additional information on how we operate.
  1. First review our web-site and see program description. It is the most compassionate program available today.
  2. Currently we only use the medical alert unit, that requires the user to press a button worn around the neck. We do provide the wrist band button, only if that is what the user wants. Why, if the user falls and lands on it and dislocates their arm. What pain and additional damage will be done to their body, in reaching the button.
  3. The wireless medical alert. WELL, we all use cell phones, do they work everywhere?? No, how can we provide a system that is not a 100%.
  4. The medical alert system that doesn’t require pressing a button. WELL, that system measures the rate of the fall to the speed of gravity at 256 times per second. If your love one falls, holding on to a table or chair, it doesn’t work.

Thank You
Robert Costanzo Ph.D.

Why Be Safe At Home?

It’s simple, we care about our membership!

  • Monthly Fee $25.00 fixed for life.
  • No Contracts use it for as long as you need it, you can return it.
  • Want it back at anytime? We’ll give it back to you or your spouse at the same rate, no time limit, no additional fees.
  • Extended time in Hospital/Rehab. reduce monthly fee $10 per mo. while away.
  • Spend one night in a Hospital and get a month free.
  • Extended time in Hospital/Rehab. Reduce monthly fee $10 per mo. While away.
  • Winter in a warm climate, bring the equipment.
  • File of life designed to give you the best of care instantly.
  • Hear someone on your property at night? Press the button, have the police sent.
  • No additional monthly fees for more than one person using equipment.
  • Having a problem making a monthly payment, call us, we care about you.
  • Medical Alert comes with a life time warranty provided by Be Safe At Home Inc.
  • 24/7 live monitoring provided by Advant Guard Monitoring Center, with 2 fully redundant UL Listed central station,
  • Refer a friend anywhere in the U.S.A. and receive a month free.

Our program is designed to help all those in need, today and into the future, Sponsor/Funding by UYM Charities

  • First Payment to UYM is a tax deductible donation of $125
  • Be Safe At Home Inc. provide you with ownership of the medical alert unit, with the first three months of 24/7 live monitoring free.
  • When you are finished using the equipment, you can give it to a family member or friend to use at the same fixed rate. Or
  • You can also donate the equipment (like donating a car) to UYM Charities. To assists seniors on low income and you receive a $250 tax deductible donation.

Read about our command center helping members in need. Visit:

For More Information (631) 734-8220
Facebook friends, E-mail Cody:

The Missing Link to Enable Seniors, Disabled Adults and Others in Need to Remain and "Be Safe" At Home

It is an accepted statistic that two thirds of all accidental deaths of persons over the age of 65 are the result of falls. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that given the fact that Be Safe At Home's Outreach Representatives are trained to recognize obvious in-home safety and fire hazards that as much as 10% of Be Safe At Home¹s total membership has been or will be spared some amount of hospital stay and/or institutionalization as well as the attendant pain and suffering.

There is medical evidence to support the notion that when people are happier and more content, they are healthier. Be Safe At Home¹s programs allow Seniors and the physically and mentally challenged to remain in a familiar, supportive environment thereby relieving some of the worries and stress associated with the aging process. Hence, an ultimate savings of entitlement funding will be realized via reduced medical expense and greater productivity.

Robert Costanzo Ph.D.


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